Environment, Health And Safety

Caring for the Environment is a core corporate value and as a part of this commitment the Company's EHS policy provides for the creation of a safe and healthy workplace and a clean environment for employees and the community. It aims at higher international standards in plant design, equipment selection, maintenance and operations. The policy seeks to manufacture products safely and in an environmentally responsible manner. 

EHS Policy

The implementation of the EHS Policy is ensured by institutionalizing a robust EHS Management system, adequately supported by well defined organizational structure.

As a part of EHS processes at the corporate level, besides laying down guidelines on systems, policy and training, the corporate EHS office monitors compliance, maintains and disseminates information on laws and regulations.

EHS performance review meetings are held on regular basis to monitor the progress against agreed EHS improvement plans.

Close cooperation between all individuals is the key to maintaining high standards of environment protection and safety in the plant.