Experienced Promoters with a strong management team

Our Company has experienced robust business growth under the vision, leadership and guidance of our experienced management team comprising our Promoters, Chintan Shah, Ajay Patel and Shekhar Somani, who each have over 24 years in the specialty chemicals manufacturing industry and have established strong business relationships with domestic and overseas customers. The senior management team has also been instrumental in establishing and maintaining relationships with our customers. Additionally, our senior management possesses extensive industry and management experience which has given us a specialized understanding of the complexities involved in the manufacturing of such specific and niche products and the processes involved. Our business growth is also attributable to our strong management culture fostered by an entrepreneurial spirit that is managed by our department heads who are experienced, and have in-depth and hands-on knowledge of our industry. Our experienced and dedicated management team also enables us to capture market opportunities, formulate and execute business strategies, manage client expectations as well as proactively manage changes in market conditions. Our senior management, technical personnel and skilled workers benefit from our regular inhouse training initiatives in health and safety, quality management and other soft skills.