Quality Systems

An integrated management system (embracing Environment, Health, Safety and Quality) adapted to the needs of the division is an important requirement for competitive processes. The norms 9001 (Quality Management Systems) and 14001 (Environmental Management Systems) and 18001 (Occupational health and safety assessment series) of the International Standards Organisation (ISO) provide the framework for this system as well as the international principles Sustainable Development and Responsible Care.

The products are produced in safe equipment and processes, whereas the consumption of raw materials and energy is based on minimal depletion of resources.

Quality Control Laboratory

QC Laboratory

As a worldwide exporter of specialty chemicals, phase transfer catalysts and performance chemicals, TATVA CHINTAN has a long history of applying quality assurance and good manufacturing practices in the development, production and quality control process. We have set up a stringent quality control system for raw materials, packing materials, in process as well as final products.

Our QC laboratory is well equipped with the latest analytical instruments. Quality up-gradation of our products is the main focus of our QC department, resulting into achieving products of highest international standards.

Quality Assurance
  • Comprehensive and integrated quality assurance system is in place as per ICH guidelines.
  • The QA department is instrumental in
    • preparation of protocols and monitoring qualifications
    • strict process control
    • process validations
    • stability studies
    • Impurity Profiles
    • training and development
    • self-inspection and audits; systems and procedures and relevant documentation