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Tatva Chintan Pharma Chem Limited, a rapidly growing speciality chemical company in India, offers a niche portfolio of over 250 products through continuous research and development. With 700 employees, the company seeks result-oriented, agile, and solutionists to thrive in a fast-paced environment.

About Us

Tatva Chintan, established in 1996, is a leading Indian company that specializes in manufacturing and R&D. The company, led by promoters Chintan Shah, Ajay Patel, and Shekhar Somani, has established a strong presence in various niche product categories such as Phase Transfer Catalysts (PTC), Structure Directing Agents (SDA), Electrolyte Salts and Solutions (ESS), and Pharmaceutical & Agrochemical Intermediates and Other Specialty Chemicals (PASC). Tatva Chintan is recognized as a leading producer of a comprehensive array of PTC, the world's second-largest manufacturer of Structure Directing Agents for zeolites, and India's largest producer of Electrolyte Salts for supercapacitor batteries. The company also holds the title of the largest producer of glymes in India and ranks among the foremost producers worldwide.

Mission, Vision and Values

The mission is to provide high-quality products and services through innovative intelligence, meeting market standards, and promoting sustainable practices. The vision is to be a global leader in the specialty chemical sector, constantly innovating and upgrading products while staying true to core values such as integrity, teamwork, customer orientation, quality focus, innovation, safety, and sustainability.

Promoters & Board of Directors

We have 6 Directors on our Board, of whom 3 are Independent Directors. Of such Independent Directors, 1 Director is a woman Director. Our Company is in compliance with the corporate governance norms prescribed under the SEBI Listing Regulations and the Companies Act, 2013 in relation to the composition of our Board and constitution of committees thereof

Awards & Recognition

The company has received numerous awards and recognitions, including being recognized by ISO 9001:2015, EcoVadis, ISO 14001:2015, and ISO 45001:2018.

Our Business

Our business focuses on empowering industries and enriching environments through manufacturing facilities, research and development facilities, and foreign subsidiaries.

Manufacturing Facilities

In 1996, the company established two manufacturing facilities in Ankleshwar, Bharuch and Dahej, Bharuch. The facilities have grown significantly, with a 10-fold increase in volume. They have advanced equipment and a pilot plant for product validation. With a cumulative licensed capacity of 48,000 Tonnes Per Annum, they are strategically located near major shipping ports in India.

Research & Development

Our state-of-the-art R&D facility in Vadodara, India, is recognized by the DSIR and spans 36,000 square feet. It features glass assemblies, continuous flow reactors, and high pressure autoclaves for reactions ranging from 10℃ to 100 Bar. Our in-house Analytical & Development Laboratory supports our strong R&D capabilities.

Foreign Subsidiaries

Tatva Chintan USA, Inc., established in 2015, handles sales and distribution in North and South America, with a warehousing facility in Savannah, Georgia. Tatva Chintan Europe B.V., established in 2019, handles sales and distribution in Europe, with a warehousing facility in Amsterdam, Netherlands.


Tatva Chintan products include phase transfer catalysts, structure directing agents, electrolyte salts and solutions, pharmaceutical and agrochemical intermediates, and specialty chemicals.

Phase Transfer Catalysts

Phase Transfer Catalysts are used in various industries, including pharmaceuticals, agrochemicals, personal care, and disinfectants, with end-user applications in various sectors.

Structure Directing Agents

Our products are used in various industries, including automobiles, petrochemicals, continuous flow chemistry, and oxygen concentration, for various applications such as emission control and cracking crude.

Electrolyte Salts & Solutions

The product list includes various electrolyte salts and solutions, including DMP-BF4, BMIC, EMIC, AZPC, AZSP-BF3, TEMA-BF4, N-ETHYL-N-METHYL PYRROLIDINIUM BROMIDE, TBA-BF4, TEAC, TEA-BF4, and TRIETHYL METHYL AMMONIUM CHLORIDE. These products are categorized by CAS No. and CAS No.

Pharma & Agro Intermediates & Speciality Chemicals

This list of pharma and agro intermediates and speciality chemicals includes various products with CAS numbers, such as monoglyme, DMPO, DCH, CDMT, OCDMA, BBTF, CLAS, TFMAP, BHTB, BOAC, BTPPC, DMBC, DMBC, DBPC, DMBC, DTMC, DTMS, DTPC, ETPPA, ETPPBr, ETPPI, ETPPI, ETPPI, MTPPB, MTPPB, TPPP, TPBPA, TODA, TRIOCTYL/DECYL AMINE, TOA, and TRIOCTYL AMINE. These products are used in various industries, including pharmaceuticals, agro-chemicals, and pharmaceuticals. The list includes various types of methyl tetramethyl ether, methyl tetramethyl ether, methyl tetramethyl ether, methyl tetramethyl ether, methyl tetramethyl ether, methyl tetramethyl ether, and methyl tetramethyl ether.

Brominated Flame Retardants

The product TBPA, TBP, and DBE are upcoming brominated flame retardants, with CAS NOs 79-94-7, 118-79-6, and 84852-53-9 respectively.

Investor Relations
Disclosures Under Regulation 46 Of The SEBI LODR

Tatva Chintan has disclosed under Regulation 46 of the SEBI LODR.

Corporate Governance

Corporate Governance includes policies such as data privacy, cybersecurity, CSR, and appointment of independent directors. Policies cover matters like material events, nomination and remuneration, related party transactions, and dividend distribution. Risk management includes a familiarization program for independent directors and a policy on sexual harassment. Board diversity policies prohibit insider trading and promote fair disclosure. Business responsibility includes a code of conduct for independent directors. CSR projects have been approved by various boards.

Offer Documents

Tatva Chintan has announced the QIP of its equity shares in 2023, as per the company's offer documents.

Financial Information And Other Disclosures

Tatva Chintan's financial information and disclosures are provided.

Investor Contacts

Tatva Chintan Pharma Chem Limited, registered under registration number 029894, has a company secretary and compliance officer, and a contact person for investor grievances. The company also has a register and share transfer agent, Link Intime India Private Limited.

Life at Tatva Chintan

Tatva Chintan has a zero-tolerance EHS policy, allowing individuals to relieve themselves from unfit tasks. They focus on training and development, offering external training and daily routines. They recognize exceptional efforts through the Star Employee of the Month program. Festive celebrations foster team building and community. Their Leadership and Succession Planning Policy aims to grow every employee with a spark for growth.

Open Positions

Tatva Chintan is seeking candidates with various qualifications for various positions, including trainee executive sales & marketing, head – EHS, senior executive/assist manager- finance, manager/ deputy manager ADL, head-projects, and assistant/dy. manager- technology transfer. The positions are available in Vadodara, Dahej, and Vadodara.

Application Form

The Tatva Chintan Application Form is available for career applications.


The company has multiple offices and manufacturing facilities in India, Gujarat, and the Netherlands. The company's headquarters are located in various locations, including GIDC Estate, Ankleshwar, Bharuch, Gujarat, and Dahej, Bharuch, Gujarat. The company also has a company secretary and compliance officer, Ishwar Nayi, and an email address for the company secretary and compliance officer.